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MARCH 10, 2012 - BC PLACE
“Just really pleased to get the win. There was a little bit of pressure on us with it being our home opener, and against an expansion team and against a big rival in Montreal. So for the first time in a while the Whitecaps were the favourite going into an MLS game and that brought a little bit of pressure with it but that was something that we handled well.”
On getting an early goal:
“It definitely settled the nerves and gave us confidence, because Montreal started the first few minutes well and we caught them on the other end of it.”
On Y.P Lee:
“He’s done excellent for us all the way from the start, both on and off the field. He’s a leader and a joy to work with and I think today he looked very comfortable and added a lot to our team, defended well, but got forward well as well.”
On importance of Davidson’s save before half:
“I think that it was important, he tracked his runner, tracked him well and we lost the ball in a bad area when we didn’t need to, especially so close to halftime, but Davidson did the right thing and tracked his run and did well for us there.”
On Eric Hassli:
“He headed it on for Sébastien’s goal, it was a great flick on. I think those two can work very well together… I think Hassli can become very powerful in the air and when you add that element to his game he’s a top player.”
On Sébastien Le Toux:
“He’s so hard working when we didn’t have the ball, he found the man every time and if any of the other guys were out of position Sébastien was the guy who filled in. If we’re going to be any good we’ll have to have guys that work as hard as him.”
On his team’s composure:
“Once we got calm and kept possession of the ball I thought we managed it well and didn’t give up too many chances.”
On Davide Chiumento:
“I thought every time he got [the ball] he looked dangerous. He was the one guy that was always looking to go forward and that puts the opposition on their back foot.”
On Camilo playing the right side
“I think he can play in any position. It worked out for us today with him getting a goal and being very dangerous there. It only needed to work once and it did for the goal.”
On the fans
“Fantastic. I’ve been waiting a long time to get a game in front of the fans and to finally get it, it was beyond expectations and I hope we gave them a good show and I hope that they’ll be back here in a couple weeks for the game against D.C. United.”
Thoughts on first game of the year and the home victory:
“First and foremost it’s always good to win – for the team and the club, for the coaching staff and for Vancouver. It was good to start the game with a fast goal. It’s important to have a good start at home and for Sébastian to score right after the start was really important for the game.”
On playing up front with Sébastian:
“He ran a lot and worked really hard. He has a lot of experience and played a good game and scored, so I am happy for him.”
On the second goal by Camilo:
“Camilo has great qualities. He’s a young player who works hard for the team and I think he can be top scorer this year.”
Does it feel different this opening game and do you feel you can really build on this game going forward in the season?
“Yes, all the staff gives us a lot of confidence; we have been working really hard. The practices have been good. Every practice everyone is smiling and working really hard and it’s a great pleasure to be on the field every practice.”
Thoughts on the match:
“It’s good because we won. We played good, but we don’t have a lot of chances to score; we just have 3 or 4 and we score 2 goals – this is good. Now we’ll continue to work because it’s just the first game.”
On your goal:
“It was right from the back. Davide gave me a good pass and I just cut through the defender and shot.”
Thoughts on the crowd giving the players a boost:
“Yes of course. Every game here the support for the players in the game is great. Every game we come, it’s full. This is very good for us.”
Thoughts on the team’s depth:
“This year, it’s a little bit more hard because we have a lot of good players, but we continue to work and if we continue to score, this its good not only for me but for the club.”
An early goal. You did it two years ago in Philadelphia – a very early goal in your home debut and you do it again here:
“You kind of [brought] me some memories back when I played in Philly. It was a great start and I can’t dream of a better start here so I’m very happy we won, that was the most important to me.”
On the team’s attacking options:
“It doesn’t matter if it’s me, Eric, Camilo, Davide, or Atiba when he will be back, but everybody can score so it will be great.”
Thoughts on the atmosphere today:
“The atmosphere was great. I was saying, as soon as I scored the goal, it was amazing. I was full of joy and wanted to share with everybody, but it was a surprise for me and kind of a dream I had last night of the game. It was a great game and I can’t wait for the next game.”
On partnering with Eric Hassli:
“Eric is a great player and it’s easy to play with him and I just have to learn to use his quality, and him mine. He’s a very intelligent player and you saw that tonight. I hope he is going to continue to score lots of goals and I will do the same.”
On getting off to a good start with a goal:
“It’s great. Last year, it took 22 games to score my first goal and all of you were on my back because I was not scoring during the game. I think the most important thing for me is the win and I’m going to say the same tonight. I scored and it’s great, but I’m happy because we won the game and that’s what we wanted to have a good start. It’s just the first game and it’s just three points and we have to recover well to have lots of energy for next weekend against Chivas.”
On giving up an early goal:

"It's obviously hard when you come on the road in your first game and you make a mistake in the third minute and give up a goal. Overall I thought our response for the rest of the first half was not bad. It's still a lesson of if you make a few mistakes, now you can pay for them in the league. Now we have to get on that end.''
On losing the first match:

"If we had won tonight it's like we would have been a team already. Just because we lost tonight it's not like we have to start all over. It's a process and we just need to continue to commit ourselves to every day and learn from our mistakes and learn how to get better.''

What encouraged you:
"There were some good moments from our team. We created a fair number of chances for coming here on the road. Our ability to turn some of those chances or half-chances to concrete chances, and into goals, needs to get better. There were good moments. We were effective at finding our midfielders and leading our outside backs into the game. We were still dangerous. We can be sharper and we can eliminate some mistakes.''

On the overall play of the team:
"This takes time. We are still developing all our relationships and understanding how to make the game better.''

On playing as the visitor after being on the Whitecaps last year:

“It was definitely a new experience being on the other side of things. It's a great atmosphere as it was last year, but we're pretty disappointed not to get some points out of here.”
On his own play:

“I felt confident out there. Obviously I think the whole team felt confident, I think you saw that we had our spells where we controlled part of the game and went forward with some confidence, so it's good building on next week and hopefully we can give our home fans something to watch.
On positives from the match:

“I think there's a lot of positives. Obviously we got our chances, we were dangerous at time, you know we're still looking to do that and that's always hard to do on the road no matter where you go. I think obviously we'll build on that, defensively we gave them two or three half-chances and then some good opportunities so we'll shore that up during the week and look forward from that.
Thoughts on the match:

“I think we had a good twenty-minute run out there but unfortunately we didn't get the result we wanted.”
On the atmosphere:

“It's fantastic. It was a good atmosphere. They said it could be a little louder, maybe we'll see what happens next time. Thought I'd give a little jab there. It was a good atmosphere, much different playing in this atmosphere from what I'm used to.”

On building from this match:
“We're still gelling as a team. Some teams have been together for several years, but it's going fantastic so far.”

Thoughts on the match:
“We made a couple of mistakes and they punished us. That was kind of how it went but it's a process. We need to keep our heads up, it's a long season.”
On what he brings to the team:

“Hopefully I'll use my experience and knowledge from being around the league to help some of the younger guys. I've been around this league quite a lot of games and hopefully it'll come through on the field and off the field as well.”
Thoughts on the match:

“We gave up an early goal and obviously it’s going to be an uphill battle after you do that. I felt our response was still good, we came in at one zero, [then] we came in at the second half and we could've made it 1-1. It could have been a different game. I didn't think at any time in the game we stopped competing. We still created chances but sometimes when you make a couple of mistakes you're going to get punished, especially on the road.”
On the crowd:

“It was good for us to get out there as a group in a real game. It's our first time so it was good for us to get that experience. The crowd was very good. I thought it was an entertaining game, but obviously not the result that we wanted.”
On the team’s play:

“I think we created a decent number of chances. On another day maybe we'd get a goal or two. Like I said, it's a positive for getting the chances. We had a couple of key moments in the game where we could’ve made it 1-1. We didn't take advantage of them and they’re a good team, they're going to punish you if you make a couple of mistakes.”

On the physicality:
“It's a physical game. It's obviously a rivalry game and their home opener, so we knew it was going to have a physical edge to it, as every game does. I thought we did a good job of competing in terms of that, but that's part of it.”

Thoughts on the match:
“We created some chances, but we've just got to be a little more consistent throughout the game and not give up. Our mistakes cost us some goals, so if we can limit those mistakes I think we can hopefully keep ourselves in games.”
On how the team played:

“I think it could have been a little better, but I don't think we put our heads down too much. We kept going and kept playing the way we wanted to play. Obviously once they scored that goal you've got to try and push hard to get back in the game, but unfortunately we weren't able to do it. We've got to put it behind us and turn towards next week now.”
On moving forward:

“There's obviously still lots of work to do, and it's going to take time. It's a new team, guys are still learning each other’s tendencies, but there are a lot of positive elements too, we need to take those and move forward and grow on those.”