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Thoughts on result:
“A little bit disappointed that we couldn’t take advantage of a few opportunities that we had. But I thought it was quite an exciting game. I thought that D.C. United certainly played well and made it difficult for us. I know they’d had a couple difficult results, they certainly were up for the game and worked hard for their point.”
On the team’s chances;
“A couple times in each half I felt like we got our momentum going and we looked quite dangerous, we looked like we connected but we didn’t get enough of that and we didn’t get in behind. We didn’t put enough balls in the box and didn’t make their ‘keeper make enough saves. So there’s lots of room for improvement.”
On the point earned;
“Who knows, that point could be an important point for us. They’re all difficult to get and we have to look at the positives on that side of it as well.”
One the crowd at BC Place:
“It was another great crowd at BC Place. We’re obviously a bit disappointed we didn’t give them something to really get on their feet about.”
On three clean sheets in a row:
“I don’t think that you get too comfortable with it, but you’re pleased that the things you’re working on are working. What we need to keep working on and keep improving on as whole team. I think it’s important that we’re all working on not giving up goals.”
On Jay Demerit:
“I think he was excellent. I think Jay has really been fantastic since I came to the club and he’s got a role to play. There’s some pressure on the guy whose face is one the billboard, and I think there’s some credit to him and the guys on the backline for another clean sheet.”
On Eric Hassli:
“I think he did fine. I think with all the front players there’s a little bit more to come, and that there’s a little bit more to come from him but it was kind of in line with most of ourattacking play and I think it wasn’t quite as good as it could be. He’s got so much to offer and I think we expect it because of his ability. I think we’re looking for that to be there for us next week.”
On Dwayne De Rosario:
“With De Rosario out there you never know what’s going to happen.”
Thoughts on the match:
“It was very physical at times, but I think that’s the way it is sometimes, but you have to be happy with the point.”
On the inability to score this game:
“It was a bit disappointing. We lacked a bit of fluidity in the final third. Our chemistry is something we need to work on. If you look, we have some of the most talented players, it’s just about finding the right mode and rhythm and hopefully we can do that.”
On the team’s performance:
“You always want to win, especially at home. Sometimes you’re just happy with a point and happy we didn’t concede any goals. We’re doing good at the back this season and that’s something to take away from the game.”
On his performance:
“It’s a learning experience for me and I’m trying to pick up as much as I can. Obviously, not losing is great and hopefully we can carry on this moment in the future.”
Overall thoughts on the match:
“Not a really good first half, but a more positive second half – we defended very well. Offensively we have to improve. We have to train a lot and do things better offensively because I think we have the right and great players to do it, but today we didn’t finish our plays. We didn’t have a lot of chances.”
On the clean sheet and undefeated record:
“I think it’s really good that everybody’s disappointed and angry about not winning – it shows the personality of the team. Everybody believes we can win every game.
Last year it wasn’t like that so that’s something really positive. Our clean sheet was good and we know we can improve. From being the worst team last year to becoming one of the best, we have to work a lot and sacrifice.”
On the improvement of the team’s chemistry:
“We did a lot of good things in training and even sometimes in games, we see a lot of good things, but today DC defended well and we didn’t play a great game. We can improve on that. It was the third game and we have to stay positive and not get frustrated. We are having a great start to the season and we need to keep games close.”
Sebatien Le Toux
Overall thoughts on the match:
“We were a little bit frustrated today. We didn’t combine as we wanted to, sometimes it was a little push or feet were in the way. It was a little frustrating, but we are still undefeated so we have to take the positives from the game.
DC came here strong and came here with two loses and were here to get a minimum of one point. We have to get better. It’s good for the mentality to continue to stay on board.
Now we are going to Philly and it’s a tough team – I know them personally so it’s going to be a battle over there and we have to be ready. We can’t think that we are the best so we must continue to work hard in practice and make sure to do the right things to win the next game.”
On the team’s defence and clean sheet:
“We work very well at the back and work very well as a team to defend. I think it’s a big war from the beginning of the season to make sure we keep clean sheets. If we defend well, we can always score one goal and win. Tonight, it didn’t happen, but it’s great for the confidence of our guys to get the clean sheet.
We work hard as a team defensively and continue to work hard offensively and it’s something we are going to work on for the next game.”
On his play with Eric Hassli:
“I’m comfortable, but we have to continue to work. You can’t expect to click right away after two or three weeks. There are a lot of teams that have played together and have a lot of players that know each other, so we still have to work together.
If we are the best after the first game, maybe we would be relaxed and believe we are the best in the world, but it’s not the case. We still have to work hard. It’s not just me, Eric, Camillo, it’s going to come from everybody. We have to better and continue to work for next week.”
On next week’s game against his former team:
“It’s exciting – I know this team. It’s a great stadium to play in and I’m going to have lots of fun. They have incredible fans and it’s going to be a great game, but I’m going to be focused on winning and make sure we continue to be undefeated. It’s going to be special, but right now I’m going to concentrate on resting and getting ready for the next game”
On his emotions going into the next game:
“I left my emotions there when I got traded. All the fans know that I respect them so it’s just going to be fun seeing all the faces that I saw during my two years. You don’t really think about what’s around you, you think about the game and the goals and that’s what I will be thinking of. After the game, I will enjoy it with my friends and family over there.
DC United
Ben Olsen
On the result:
“The fight was there and at times it was pretty good too, [almost] lucky enough to get out of there with three [points]. But at this point we’ll take one on the road. The point’s big, but what I’m happy about is the way we played.”
On Eric Hassli’s challenge earlier in match:
“That’s a pretty bad challenge and that certainly would have changed the game. But it (the red card) didn’t happen and the guys hung in there.”
On goals for the season:
“Our goal for the season is to get better every game. Tonight was our best outing and I think it’s something to build on.”
On finishing:
“We’ve got to be a little bit sharper in the final third. Whether it’s being clinical in front of the goal or maybe being a little more dynamic or abstract in our build-up. But I thought Danny Cruz in particular tonight brought us a really nice energy.”
Thought on Whitecaps attack:
“Their attack is pretty impressive. Whether you have Le Toux’s ability to run or Hassli’s ability to hold up, Chiumiento’s technically very gifted and Camillo has the pace. They’ve got a little bit of everything and they can hurt you in so many ways.”
Thoughts on the match:
“I thought it was pretty good. I think all we spoke about over the last week after playing LA was that we could have played with a little more bite and been a little more aggressive. Same as in LA, try to get some rhythm and possess the ball a bit. I think as time went on we had a better grip on the game in the second half and by the end of the night we were a little more dangerous. We were unlucky to not come away with a goal; Joe made a big save on the goal line. I certainly think we could've been in the driver’s seat and put that game away. Give them credit they fought hard obviously they have some real talent on the attack as well. Our back held up pretty strong, it was a pretty balanced game and we're happy to get a point out of it. It would've been nice to get more, but we'll go home and get ready for Dallas.”
On getting their first point:
“It's just good to finally get a point. We played two very good opponents in the first two weeks, probably the best in each division and we knew tonight it was going to be difficult. Vancouver certainly had a bit of confidence starting out with two big wins and were at home so we wanted to add some urgency about us. I think we started out well, they obviously had a little bit of danger there in the first half, but for the most part I think it was fairly even through the first half. The second half turned in our favour a bit and it would've been nice to capitalize on that but it's good to get a point. I think guys’ kind off see what it's going to take to get points now so hopefully we'll go home and get some results.”
On Whitecaps FC:
“I think they're a disciplined side. The front four or five guys are extremely dangerous and they can get at you in a variety of ways. Camilo is a very talented player and when you have movement with Le Toux and Chiumiento they can threaten you. I think we had our hands full with that but we dealt with it pretty well throughout the night. We got into Hassli pretty early and made it tough on him. In the back Jay DeMerit is an experienced guy and you can see him rallying those guys and keeping them strong. It's certainly a much improved side from last year.”
Moving forward:
“I think we just got to grow on this performance. We put a lot into this and that's what it's going to take. Hopefully guys see the effort that it's going to take, the plays that you're going to need to make. Going home we'll need to be a little bit better. It's something that we preached in preseason about having some goals and if we play well and are disciplined at home then we have an opportunity there.”
Thoughts on the match:
"It was a good match. First off though, I definitely want to congratulate our Canadian Olympic team on beating the US. It's huge and I wish them all the best. Hopefully they'll make it through to the next round.
For us I thought we did very well. I think from the first whistle our intensity was a lot better. Our approach to the game was a lot better than LA. I think we came on strong in the second half and the way we saw the game out was a huge step in the right direction, now we just need to maintain it. Being a little bit more clinical in the final third and we'll do fine. But it's a huge point playing against a team that's doing very well right now.”
On getting the first point this season:
“It's huge; it's a lift of confidence. I think defensively we limited their chances, they didn't really have much. Offensively I think we created some pretty decent chances, just that final ball once we clean that up I think we'll be fine. It's a point that I think we can walk out of here and keep our heads high and I look forward to next game at home.”
On Whitecaps FC:
“I think they have a great coaching staff and in another year of experience playing together will help them out tremendously. You can see this year obviously with the results they've had so far they're a good team. They definitely fought right to the end and I think they played well.”
Moving forward:
“Just finishing the game off, I think we need to be a little more clinical in the final third and keeping a clean sheet obviously helps. Being as resilient as we were in the back, if you look at their front line they have a great lineup up top and I think we did a great job of matching man on man. Coming to Vancouver is not an easy place to play. We know we have a lot of things to work on right throughout the team, but it’s a long season and we're going to continue to build on it.”
Thoughts on the match:
“I think every game we get a little bit better. We're always looking to improve and this is a step in the right direction. I think we have a long way to go, and I think we can see what we're capable of; we just need to be more consistent and do it for a full ninety minutes. I think this is just a really positive step for us.”
On first clean sheet and first point of the season:
“It's huge. It's one of those things where we come in to big games knowing that we have to do this and work on our basics. Make sure we're on point for ninety minutes and stay focused. The last two games a mistake here or a mistake there and all of a sudden we're down another goal, another goal, you know. It's something that's demoralizing and makes you doubt yourself a little bit, and these are the kinds of games that help you get that confidence back and get that knowledge that if you keep doing things you'll eventually start getting results.”
How to maintain the momentum of getting a point:
“It's one of those things that because of Olympic games, injuries, our lineups changed pretty much every game. It's one of those things where we're trying now to get into a rhythm, a little bit of a pattern game in game out. Getting the same performances, the same level from everybody on the pitch, this is kind of the base line that we want to start from. Hopefully next game it will continue to get better and better.”
On Whitecaps FC:
“Right now they seem to be doing really well, they came into this game with two wins. They're doing really well from the start of the season and it seems like they've put together a good team. I also think they're a lot like us in that they've got a lot of new players and they're looking to improve every game.”
On the atmosphere at BC Place:
“It's a great stadium, the fans are great. I love coming here. It's a great city and I always love coming here.”