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Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy vs. D.C. United

Major League Soccer Quote Sheet
LA Galaxy vs. D.C. United
Suday, March 18, 2012
LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena
On tonight’s game:
“As a team we had an improved performance today. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been a little bit incomplete in our performance, both as a team and individually. We were a little bit cleaner in the penalty areas today on both sides of the ball and that was the key to the win.” 
On going into a two-week break in the schedule:
“I think we’ve played well this year. We’ve just missed a couple of key plays. Like I said, it’s a fine line but we generated a lot of chances in the four official games we have played this year. We’ve had a few slip ups defensively that have cost us dearly. There a lot of positive things (about the break), we have not trained as a team on any serious note to date. I think having the two weeks to get some players rested, some players fitness improved and get the team sharper tactically it will be an important two weeks for us to prepare for our next game which I think is against New England.”   
On Robbie Keane’s performance:
“I think the first half for a while looked like a mirror image of our previous game where we controlled the game, had the run of play, created the chances and had nothing to show for it. Therefore Robbie’s goal right at the end of the half was important for us and for Robbie. You saw in the second half he was a player playing with a lot of confidence. He played quite well. I think today the most important team was the team’s performance was better. The effort, the coordination of the team and the desire to play with each other was much improved today and that is certainly something to build on.”
LA Galaxy Forward Robbie Keane
On his first two-goal performance in MLS:
“Very happy, obviously. I don’t mind missing chances, I mind when I’m not in a position to score them. As long as I keep getting in position, I know eventually I’ll score. I try not to let it play in your mind too much, but as you know football sometimes it can take you over. I knew as long as I keep getting into position I would score.”
Thoughts on the first goal:
“It was a great ball by Todd and I just happened to hit the target. As a striker, you’re judge on scoring goals and I thought it was important, especially to start the season, to get that first one out of the way. And then to get that second one, obviously, it was important to get that second goal to kill them off.”
LA Galaxy Midfielder David Beckham
On what led to the win:
“I think we played more as a team, we worked hard for each other and I think we put away the chances we had. As simple as that. Today is a good day. We can still play better, but it was important we get our first win.”
On Robbie’s goal right before halftime:
“For any goalscorer it’s always important to get off the mark, and especially get off the mark for the preseason. I think it’s great for Robbie, great for us and it came at good time right before the break.”
On the ring ceremony:
“To receive a ring, it’s special. Last season was a special time. I’ve spoken about it before, we’d come very close the last three years so to do it the way we did it, in our home stadium was special. So to get the rings today was even more so. It’s a big ring, so it will go probably in a place in the house with the rest of my trophies and medals I’ve won over the years.”
LA Galaxy Midfielder Landon Donovan
On the importance of the result:
“It’s important given what’s gone on the last week-and-half. I think we’re all disappointed with how we started the season… I actually don’t think our performance was too different from the last few days, but we cleaned up a few things and we were sharper in front of the goal and it made all the difference.”
On Robbie’s performance:
“He’s always going to score goals, he doesn’t go too long without scoring. I know he felt bad the other night, missing that chance we had against Toronto. I think, if I were betting man, I would have bet that he was scoring two score two goals.”
On what the team will do in the two weeks between tonight’s game and their next game:
“First and foremost is to rest, and second is to get on the field and work on things. You underestimate that part of it. I know we are all pros and there is a lot of experience here, but there’s few guys that haven’t played together and we need that chance to start jelling.”
LA Galaxy Midfielder Marcelo Sarvas
On tonight’s win:
“I think when you are going through a bad streak, when the team is not winning, it’s very hard to come out. This was a good moment to break out of that streak, caused by losing to Toronto and Salt Lake, and get a win and keep moving forward.”
Scoring his first goal with the Galaxy:
“I’m always very happy to score and contribute to the team.”
LA Galaxy Defender Todd Dunivant
On the team’s defensive performance:
“I think it was good for our confidence. I think it’s good to know that we can do it. Obviously we’re frustrated that we gave up that goal late, but we defended well. And, we feel like we have been. We’ve broken down in a few critical moments and today we didn’t do that. At the end of the game, when it’s three-zero, we can concentrate a little bit better and close it out and get that shutout. But, on the whole, I think everyone felt really good about and as a team we felt we defended really well and as a backline we kept things in front of us and didn’t give Josh much to deal with today.”
D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen
On the team’s performance:
“I think there was some improvement in some aspect on a positive note I thought [Emiliano] Dubar and played very well and Nick DeLeon showed us that he is ready to be a professional and Joe Willis was unbelievable. On the negative side I am disappointed in the group because they are a reflection of me and the organization at the minimum the fight has to be there every game in this league. I thought we gave them too much respect early. We didn’t get that this was going to be one hell of a tough game and that physically you better go out to fight and scrap until the game settles down. That wasn’t there and that is really disappointing.”
On giving up a goal going into the half:
“It was a killer right before the half it always is. We were hanging in there. We can talk all we want but they are a damn good team. They are the champs and I think they played like the champs today. They played very well. Their passing was good, their movement was good, they were dangerous on set pieces and they were everything a good team should be in this league. They are obviously coached very well by Bruce [Arena] but we had some good looks. We had a lot of good looks and if we had a little bit more fortune in front of the goal I think it could have been one of those 3-3 or 4-4 games if we got a little bit of luck.” 
On the team’s mentality:
“I wasn’t happy with the initial fight and spirit that we had, that’s the easy part it always should be the hardest part is playing good soccer and finish chances and gel together which we have ways to go in that. You have to have that other stuff from the start. I thought we gave them too much respect I think some of our guys were a little hesitant in a lot of areas and they capitalized on it. But saying that we hung in there, we had some good looks, we should done better with those but overall they were obviously a better team they have a lot of weapon and they are coached by a hell of a coach.”      
D.C. United Defender Robbie Russell
On tonight’s game:
“I think we talked about how LA had come off playing three games in a week. We wanted to get them on their heels and I don’t think we came ready to play and that is on me personally. The players in general know we didn’t come ready to play when we needed to.”
On going down 1-0:
“When you get a situation like that, and you get a goal scored against you, it puts you behind the eight ball and you are working to fight back. Your taking chances you don’t need to take and the game is opening up. I think that is something LA prides on. They love those open-sided ended games.”
On the team’s performance:
“I think mentally that was a bad call on our part. It was one of those situation that when you get a second goal scored against you and a third goal scored against you it is demoralizing and we have to be better at fighting back and that start with me I have to be better at fighting back and it’s something we are going to have to work on.”