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Quote Sheet Columbus Crew 2 - 0 Montreal Impact

Columbus Crew vs. Montreal Impact post game quotes
Saturday, March 24, 2012 – Crew Stadium

Overall thoughts on the game:

"The first home game is always very exciting and everybody's nervous about how they're going to perform and what they're going to do out on the field, but I think these past two weeks since the Colorado gamed helped us to get on our feet a little bit and work on some things a little bit. I thought today was a very good start. I'm happy with the three points. The second goal was just beautiful. It was a good pass, a good cross, and I'm glad Olman (Vargas) had that goal I thought that was really something."

On playing against ten men after Jeb Brovsky's red card:

"Sometimes playing a man up is not that easy. That's what we talked about at halftime: we have to run a little more, get open, and be more clean with the ball because the last thing you want is to lose the game when somebody scores when you're a man up... Obviously, (Jeb Brovsky) took a risk and he hit him with an elbow.”


On scoring his first MLS goal in his home debut:

"I was ready for this moment, to play the first game (at Crew Stadium). The people were expecting a lot from us after we lost the game in Colorado. It was two very difficult weeks. In the moment of the game where (the Impact) were missing a player, it was important for us to score in that moment. If we didn't do it, in the second half at 0-0 maybe we would have been nervous or anxious. I'm happy for that, but mostly of all because of the team. We won in a good way today."

On creating space in the midfield:

"Playing with Kirk (Urso) in this case, he can stay a little bit and give me a little freedom in some moments so I can get closer to the forwards. That was the idea. Sometimes, he goes up and I have to stay back, but usually it's the contrary."

On playing with two forwards in front of him:

"In this system, I prefer to play (in central midfield) instead of playing on the line, like Bernardo (Añor). In this system, if we change it, maybe I would like to play a little bit higher, but I felt comfortable today. I think the team made everyone feel comfortable today. I think our two forwards today did a great job running for every ball. I think maybe that is why Emilio (Rentería) was a little exhausted at the end."


On his performance:

"The guys in front of me game-in and game-out are pretty consistent. It's good to know that going into a game. It's my job to make saves. If the defense does break down, thank goodness I was able to make a couple (saves) and keep the team in it. I think we did a great job in the second half killing off the game with possession. Our flank play was a lot better. I think that's sort of how we drew it up. It helps going up a man, but we cant control that.

On adjusting to playing against a 10 man squad:

"Sometimes, in the past, we've had a tendency of letting the foot off the pedal a little bit when we've gone up a man. I think that was really the focus, to not do that. We were the team that's up a man, let's get after them. Even though (Montreal) came with it, I think we did a good job of killing off the game and getting a second goal, which was huge. It was a great goal as well. Obviously, we can't control if we go up a man or not, but that's how you draw it up if we do."

On the performances of Milovan Mirosevic and Olman Vargas:

"Milo's incredible in the middle. He's such a calm presence and such a good playmaker, a typical no. 10. Vargas is great in the air. He really is on the attacking end with his head. I've seen him get up and when you think he's not going to get anything on the ball with his head, he hits it low with power and it goes where it needs to go. I've been impressed with him, watching him in the air."


Overall thoughts on the game:

"There's frustration for obvious reasons. Even with ten men, I thought for major stretches of the game we still were playing well and creating chances. (Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum) made some big saves. Donovan (Ricketts) on our side. Our guys stuck together and fought hard. We're frustrated right now because we feel like bounces aren't really going our way right now. We still have firm belief of who we are and what we're about."

On playing with ten men:

"Our team stuck together in tough moments tonight. That's what becoming a team is about. Take the calls out. Throw them out, because the way we played with ten men and the way we pushed the game... that was a real sign of who we're becoming and what this means to all of us and what they mean to each other. I'm proud of the group tonight."

On Donovan Rickett's performance:

"I think Donovan showed tonight why he's won of the premier goalies in this league. I think he came up big. He's been sharp in training and tonight he made some big saves."


On adjusting to playing with ten men:

"It's a completely different game at that point. It changes everything you've worked on during the week. You've got to take a different approach. I think we responded well. We kept battling and for good parts of the game we still looked really good and we were still getting chances."

On goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts:

"In the second half, (Columbus) had some good chances and Donovan was important. It's important for a goalkeeper to make saves and keep you in the game, and he did that."

Overall thoughts on the game:

"It's disappointing. We came in here expecting to get three points and we walk away with nothing. It's kind of a disappointment to us, but I thought our guys battled. It's hard anytime you go down a man, but I thought we stuck together and kept pushing. I think we could have gotten a few goals there and at least walked away with a point tonight.

On Jeb Brovsky's red card and Milovan Mirosevic's PK goal:

"Obviously, that's something hard to recover from, but I thought we responded well. We kept attacking and kept playing the way we wanted to play. I think we created more chances in the second half than (the Crew) did. Unfortunately, we weren't able to put any in, but we've got to walk away from this with our heads high because of the effort the team gave."