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2013 Reserve League Player Eligibility


PLAYER ELIGIBILITY.  All Players appearing on an MLS Club’s Official Roster may represent their team in the MLS Reserve League.  However, no Player shall play more than One Hundred Twenty (120) minutes in a Reserve Team Game and any preceding competitive game(s) that occurs within a sixty (60) hour period.  Further, no Player shall play more than a combined total of ninety (90) minutes in a Reserve Team Game and any preceding competitive game(s) that occurred within thirty-six (36) hours prior to such Reserve Team Game. A competitive game shall be defined as a scrimmage or non-voluntary game for the Club (e.g., US Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, etc.).


TRIALIST PLAYER.  A Bona Fide Trialist Player with an MLS Club may appear in an MLS Reserve League game.  In order for this to occur, the Club must confirm in writing to the League that the player is free to sign with MLS by receiving confirmation from his previous club (i.e., a copy of the player’s expired contract or a release letter from his previous club on such club’s letterhead). A player in college may also be a trialist, provided such player (i) has completed his college eligibility (ii) he must be actively training with the club, (iii) the Club must be legitimately considering signing the player, and (iv) the player may play in no more than two (2) reserve games per season per MLS Club).  Additionally, a representative from the MLS Club must also certify that the Trialist Player (excluding players that recently completed their college eligibility) is a bone fide professional soccer player and the MLS Club must provide a curriculum vitae for each Trialist Player to the League at least three (3) business days prior to the Reserve League Game. Each curriculum vitae must include the player’s (i) name, (ii) date of birth, (iii) citizenship, (iv) all past clubs and/or college, (v) current club if applicable, and (vi) other information the Club feels is necessary and applicable given the facts and circumstances surrounding the trial.  For the avoidance of doubt, trialist players may participate in no more than two (2) Reserve League games per Club per season. Further, Trialist players are not permitted to play in interleague games versus USL opponents.


ACADEMY PLAYERS.  Clubs may use up to a maximum of five (5) Academy Players per Reserve League Game. Academy players must appear in each Club’s Home Grown Player List that is submitted to the League Office. Academy player participation must be consistent with current NCAA eligibility standards (i.e., an Academy player may not participate in a game if it will have jeopardize the player’s NCAA eligibility).


LIMIT ON ACADEMY AND TRIALIST PLAYERS.Clubs may play up to a maximum of five (5) non-MLS roster players per Club per Reserve League Game.  Within the five (5) non-MLS Roster player limit, only three (3) players may be Trialist Players.


PRELIMINARY GAME ROSTERS – NON-MLS ROSTER PLAYERS.A Preliminary ten (10) player roster must be submitted to the League Office no later than three (3) business days prior to a Reserve League Game. The preliminary roster is a list of ten (10) non-MLS Roster Players (Trialist or Academy players) that a Club has available to play in a Reserve League Game. Clubs may then select five (5) eligible non-Roster Players for a Reserve League Game from the previously submitted Preliminary Roster. Please note that the Preliminary Roster does not replace the Official Game Roster Form.